- Focus on Physics

Physics Timeline 1 AD – 1300

Dates Characters Theories and discoveries
83 Chinese Loadstone compass
100 Hero of Alexandria Expansion of air with heat
100 Hero of Alexandria Laws of light reflection
130 Ptolemy Geocentric cosmology of epicycles
550 Johannas Philoponus Impetus keeps a body moving
890 Al-Razi Atomic of matter and space
1000 Al-hazen Reflection, refraction and lenses
1000 Al-hazen Pinhole camera to demonstrate that light travels in straight lines to the eye
1121 Al-khazini Gravity acts towards centre of Earth
1225 Jordanus Nemorarius Mechanics of lever and composition of motion
1260 Roger Bacon Empiricism
1267 Roger Bacon Magnifying lens
1269 Pierre de Maricourt Experiments with magnets and compass

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